🌈The story of Imam Hassan (AS) facing a man who insulted him🌈

نتیجه تصویری برای داستان سکوت ائمه دربرابر دشنام

One day, Imam Hassan Mojtaba (AS) was passing by on horseback. A man from the evening saw him and started cursing and insulting him.

💫Imam Hassan (AS) turned to him without answering his slanders and greeted him and said with a smiling face: O man! I think you’re a stranger, and maybe you got me wrong. If you want us to be satisfied with you, we will satisfy you, if you ask us for something, we will give it to you, if you ask us for guidance, we will guide you, if you are hungry, we will give you character, if you do not have clothes, we will give you clothes, if needed We will make you needless and if you take your luggage and furniture and come to our house and stay our guest until you return home, it will be very good for you.✨

✨The Syrian man listened carefully to the Imam. The very good attitude of Imam Hassan (AS) embarrassed him. He was embarrassed and lowered his head. He changed the tone of his speech and said politely: I testify that you are the Caliph of God on earth. Of all God’s people, I used to hate you and your father more than anyone, but now I love you more than any other people. “Then he took his furniture to the house of Imam Hassan (AS) and was the guest of that Imam until he returned to his homeland.”💫




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