The kindest

One day, the Prophet was passing through an alley with Bilal.
The children were playing. As soon as they saw the Prophet, they circled around him and wrapped their skirts around him and said, “As you ride Hassan and Hussein on your shoulders, ride us on your shoulders.”

The children each took a corner of the Prophet’s skirt. And they eagerly repeated the same sentence.
Seeing all this enthusiasm, the Prophet told Bilal to go home and bring whatever you could find so that I could buy myself from these children. Bilal hurried and returned with 8 walnuts. They divided 8 walnuts among the children and thus freed themselves from them and continued on their way with Bilal.

The Imam turned to Bilal and jokingly said: May God have mercy on my brother Yusuf Siddiq, they sold him for some worthless money, these children also traded the Prophet of God for 8 walnuts!

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