The most important events of 22 Bahman 1357

Among the important events of the Fajr decade of 1978, we can mention the return of Imam Khomeini to Iran, the resignation of the mayor of Tehran, the election of an interim prime minister, the withdrawal of American troops from Iran, and finally the victory of the Islamic Revolution.

In the following, the most important developments of the 22nd of Bahman 1357 are mentioned.

Tehran and most other cities were still the scene of bloody wars between the people and the armed forces. By the evening of the twentieth day, no one had left the streets. As the attacks of the armed people on all the centers of power of the regime intensified, it was reported that the gendarmerie headquarters located in the 24th of Esfand (Revolution) Square had fallen into the hands of the air force, navy and the people. After hours of fighting, the Ishratabad garrison was captured by the people and fell into the hands of the people as a result of the people’s attacks on the army weapons, factories and weapons depots. Finally, at 10:30 a.m., while all the streets were witnessing the presence of armed youths, the Supreme Council of the Army met with the Chief of Staff, the Minister of War and most of the commanders, and after much negotiation, declared the army neutral. In view of the recent developments in the country, at 10:30 a.m. today, the 22nd of Bahman, 1357, it was unanimously decided that in order to prevent further chaos and bloodshed, it should declare its neutrality in Current political disputes were declared and military units were ordered to return to their barracks. “The Iranian army has always supported and will continue to support the honorable, noble and patriotic nation of Iran, and will support the demands of the honorable nation with all its might.”

The announcement was made on the radio when the city was full of armed men riding in military vehicles. Also, Golestan Palace, the center of Radio Iran and the gendarmerie of the whole country were in the hands of the people. The entire police force, the officer’s college, the police academy and the military high school were also conquered by the people’s forces.

The people seized the prison of the Committee [Joint Anti-Sabotage Committee], which was the center of interrogation and torture of political suspects, and released prisoners. By the evening of this day, all police stations, barracks, checkpoints and military centers fell into the hands of the people, Qasr Prison, Jamshidia Prison were also captured and their prisoners escaped, but were arrested by the people and taken to the Welfare School – the seat of the Revolutionary Council. . The military governor issued his latest announcement. The announcement called on the military to return to their barracks to implement the Supreme Army Council decision.

As people marched on the Prime Minister’s Palace, Bakhtiar, who was left alone with a small number of guards after the soldiers fled, left his lunch half-finished and fled through the back door of the Prime Minister’s building. General Rahimi (Tehran’s military governor and police chief) was captured by the people, and Major General Naji (commander of the Immortal Guard) was shot dead near Imam Fawzia Square. Former Prime Minister Amir Abbas Hoveyda also surrendered to the Revolutionary Council. Military radio and television were taken over by the people.

At the last moment, the radio announcer read a message from Ayatollah Taleghani, and then the program was interrupted. The message called on the striking radio and television workers to return to work. After a relatively long silence, the radio started working again.

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