Day of arrival of Imam Khomeini

Anniversary of the arrival of Imam Khomeini

Events of 12 Bahman, 57
Imam’s plane, with all its worries, finally landed at Mehrabad airport on the morning of February 3, 2006. The anthem “Khomeini, O Imam, Khomeini, O Imam” was so resounding in the airport lounge that it nailed everyone. The text of the welcome message written by Professor Shahid Motahhari was read by one of the students.

The car carrying Imam Khomeini went to Behesht Zahra in the midst of the flood of the roaring population of Islamic Iran, to renew the pact with the martyrs of the revolution, to speak for the first time to the people who welcomed him as their Imam with love and affection, then the Imam gave his historic speech. Begin:

“in the name of God. We have seen calamities during this time; The great calamities, the calamities of the dead women, the men who lost their children, the children of the fathers … This gentleman who does not accept himself, his comrades do not accept him, the nation does not accept him, the army does not accept him, only America from He supported … It is incumbent upon all of us to continue this movement until it is overthrown. We determine the Constituent Assembly, the Provisional Government and the Permanent Government by popular vote.

At the end of Imam Khomeini’s speech, they rushed to the stand again. Imam could not board the helicopter and they immediately boarded the ambulance that was there. Finally, they boarded a helicopter on the way to Imam and flew to Tehran. Imam immediately went to the 1,000-bed hospital to visit the injured in the recent incidents where he was hospitalized. Imam went to the house of one of his relatives from the hospital, and in the evening, by contacting the welfare school, he informed the officials of the reception committee of his residence.

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